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Escorts From Southern Province

Escorts from Southern Province

Southern Province escorts, call girls and masseurs

This province has 11 districts namely; Choma, Itezhi-Tezhi, Gwembe, Kazungula, Kalomo, Livingstone its capital, Monze, Mazabuka, Siavonga, Namwala, and Sinazongwe.

The Southern Plateau is the largest area for commercial farmland in Zambia with maize being its most produced crop.

The Tonga are the majority community found in the Southern province. They speak Tonga, and the women are praised for their basketry which is used for different purposes from storing food to carrying things. They also value their cattle so much that they give them human names.

The Tonga are matrilineal and exogamous, therefore sexual relationships between people from the same tribe is taboo. During courtship, shy guys Tonga men abduct their bride with or without consent, and the rest of the process follows later.

Southern province Nightlife

Livingstone is the place to be so as to entertain yourself with the amazing nightlife the city has to offer. See the combination of the Western and African influence. Drink a cold mosi which is a local beer as you dance the night away in these establishments;

  • The waterfront bar is where you enjoy a cold beer with the view of hippos and the sunset. Moreover, there is a happy hour from 1730 hours on Wednesday and Friday.
  • Pub rite is in the heart of the city and is best known for its amazing steak and beers. It is quite busy on Friday and Saturday, therefore, it is best that you arrive earlier for fast service.
  • The Old Farmhouse gives you a unique experience of nightlife as opposed to nightclubs. It has a rustic ambiance and you can enjoy home-cooked meals with your alcohol.
  • Jollyboys is the best place for drinks after a wonderful dinner with family, lovers or friends. It is most frequented by young backpackers.
  • The Sundeck is known for its delicious old-fashioned cocktails like Champagne cocktail, Manhattan, and Americano.

Spa and massage

The Tonga women use baobab oil for cosmetic purposes because it is suitable for all skin types from dry to mature skin. It is prepared by boiling the crushed kernels of the baobab tree and then letting it cool off and finally collecting the oil from the top layer of the boiled water. This oil can be used for aromatherapy.

Hookups in Southern Province

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