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Escorts From Livingstone

    Escorts from Livingstone

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    Livingstone city was named after Dr. David Livingstone who was a great explorer during his time. In 1911, it was the capital of Northern Rhodesia and due to that it was the far superior town at that time but when Lusaka was made the capital city in 1935, the once lively town slowly turned to a quiet town but still has its charm.

    Livingstone Nightlife

    Livingstone nightlife helps you understand the local culture as you have fun and enjoy the night away in some of these establishments:

    Da Canton is one of the best places to have an evening out with the smell of melted cheese from the pizza and the sounds of a live band creating an amazing ambiance for relaxation.
    Fez Bar is popular with international volunteers especially on Friday night and its open-air environment provides a breeze when you are hot from all the dancing.
    Livingstone Pub Crawl is the best place for people who travel alone to integrate into the Livingstone society by having a drink there and interacting with the locals.
    The Zambezi cafe brings a blend of local and European cuisine over a bottle of local beer as you interact with other people in the cafe.

    Livingstone is known as the tourist capital hence tourism is its main source of income and employment from its natural beauty the Victoria Falls to its rich history the Livingstone museum and the service industry that is the hospitality sector in terms of accommodation is the reason why it is the tourist capital and the most expensive destination in Zambia.

    Prostitution in Livingstone

    Livingstone is a tourist city that attracts commercial sex workers from all over the world. In local brothels, live sex is the norm. With the high standards of living in this city as compared to others, the women work twice as hard just to feed themselves or provide for their families.

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