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This is the smallest but most populated province in Zambia. It’s the country’s capital city and the most urban province in Lusaka. The province was a village site of the headsman Lusaka which was said to be on Manda hill which is currently the location of the Zambia National Assembly. There are eight districts in this province. These are; Lusaka, Chilanga, Chongwe, Luangwa, Rufunza, Chirundu, Shibuyunji, and Kafue.

This Province is known for governmental reasons. It has the country’s National Assembly and government officials. Foreign diplomats and organizations have their offices and residences in the province.

Apart from that, mining of Limestone, Copper, Gold and Gemstones takes place in this Province.

Lusaka Nightlife

Lusaka province comes to life at night especially on the weekends with the sounds of local music blasting through the roofs of clubs and on the streets, with beautiful women ready to take over the dance floor like it’s their stage domain. Here are some of the best nightclubs in this province which are mainly found in the capital;

  • Chicago Reloaded in Eastpark mall, Lusaka has amazing cocktails, a wide range of drink selections and the cherry on top is there is sizzling juicy steak ready for you to devour as you enjoy your drinks.
  • Granddaddy Shoka Nyama gives you one of the best African experiences with the smell of braai wafting in the air. The ribs and biltong are some of the best sellers. It has a great selection of wine and other alcoholic drinks and the ambiance is amazing. When the Dj starts spinning the decks your feet will not leave the vicinity unless you are dancing to the beat of the music.
  • M’s Liquor is the best place to purchase wholesale liquor especially if you are planning on throwing a huge rager and also have a beer or two as you wait for your purchase.
  • Sky bar Lusaka is an amazing place to get great cocktails as you watch the sunset and the darkness envelops the city, the Dj brings the bar to life with amazing mixes which sets a great atmosphere in the establishment.
  • East Point Discotheque in Lusaka offers you a great selection of music from local music, rhumba to reggae. You can also sip on a cold beer as you watch the English Premier League matches live on their flat-screen television and play pool during halftime.

Prostitution in Lusaka

Just from its name, Devil street is where you leave all your inhibitions and people embrace their darkest fantasies as they purchase services from commercial sex workers who are eager to please. As early as 6 pm, school-going escort girls are out and about in nightclubs waiting for their Lusaka hookup/or client to entice them with a drink before they talk business, although in this business there is very little talking going on.

The owners of these nightclubs allow underage girls into their establishments because they know the men frequent there to see the girls as well as Lusaka xxx and if they are there they earn more money because of the drinks they purchase. The commercial sex workers don’t mind splitting their earnings because they do not have pimps.

The once Florida street has been taken over and named the Devil street for its debauchery. Anything and everything including Lusaka nudes spectacle go down in this street and it is an open secret to all. There are quite a number of massage parlours along that street.

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